Everything you need to make your videos look like a dream handcrafted by an artisan can be found in the left panel.

Social Widgets

While making opinion videos, include tweets or Instagram posts either as a layer in your scene or as an entirely new scene. Paste the URL of your post under the Social tab.


Use animated grids to display multiple images in the same scene. You can use layouts to compare, show-off new features, and more.


Add a little fun to your scenes with the many sticker options you have at your fingertips. From business to love, you can have them all.


Have you ever drooled over a hot, smoky dish being served in a video? Overlays can have that effect on your viewers. Whether you are celebrating with fireworks or reporting snow, we won’t leave you hanging.

Text Overlays

Make your text look fancy. Make it stand out. Use animated text styles available under the Text tab.

Bonus Tip

To err is human. To “Undo” is technology.
Press ‘Cmd + Z’ on your keyboard to “Undo” and ‘Cmd + Shift + Y’ to “Redo” on your MacBook. Press ‘Ctrl + Z’ to “Undo” and ‘Ctrl + Y’ to “Redo” on your Windows computer.

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