We have been hard at work, building the features that you have been waiting for. Here is your private sneak-peek into the release carnival this month.

Because we love spoiling you for choice, our standard templates are now available in all aspect ratios – Horizontal, Vertical, Square.

Duplicating can be a good thing. Especially, when it saves your precious time. You can now duplicate your videos on the ‘My Projects’ screen.

AND you can choose to make the copy in any aspect ratio you like – Horizontal, Vertical, Square. Duplicate away!

To err is human. To 'Undo' is technology.

Press 'Cmd + Z' to 'UNDO' and 'Cmd + Shift + Z' to 'REDO' on Macbook.
Press 'Ctrl + Z' to 'UNDO' and 'Ctrl+ Y' to 'REDO' on Windows.

You can now move the elements in your scene using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Make sure the element is selected first.

No more waiting while your files are uploading. We’ll upload your files in the background and notify you once they have been uploaded.

Productivity, for the win!

Trim your videos directly on the upload screen. You can upload the full video or the trimmed video.
Or upload different parts of the same video as separate videos altogether.

Get the help that you need, at the click of a button. The help section answers all your frequently asked questions and more!
Find '?' in the upper right corner of your InVideo screen.

That said, our support superheroes are always around to answer any questions you have.

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