You can control the animation duration of any element on your scene either on the 'Edit Scene' modal or the 'Advanced Editing' screen using the same process.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Select the element for which you want to change the animation duration.
Step 2: On the right panel, go to the animation tab. For text boxes, you will find the controls for the text animation, as well as the text box animation.
Step 3: Select either the 'In', 'Out', or 'In-place' animation depending on the type of element you have selected.

Step 4: Move the slider to increase or decrease the duration of the animation. Moving the slider towards the left will speed up the animation. Moving the slider towards the right will slow down the animation and it will take more time.

Please note:

- The duration of the in-animation + out-animation of an element
should always be lesser than the total duration of the element in the scene. If this is not followed then the element will not have any time to animate or stay in the scene.

- If the animation is set to 'None' then the duration controls will be disabled.

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