How to add, change and delete the voiceover on invideo AI?

When first creating your video, you can add a prompt or select a specific voiceover and style from the workflow panel.

Once your video is generated, you can also add a prompt in the magic box below the video preview, to add or change the video's voiceover. 

To delete the voiceover, just add a prompt to delete it.

Below is the list of voiceovers you can use in your prompt with a Male or Female variation:

clear American voice

voice with a Californian accent

voice with a southern accent

voice with a midwestern accent

transatlantic voice

voice with a New Yorker accent

young British voice

Northern English voice

middle-aged British voice

old husky British voice

Indian English voice

young Indian voice

Australian voice

Here is an example prompt:

Change the voiceover to a male Australian voice

Note: If your prompt does not work by any chance, do a hard refresh once [by pressing Ctrl + Shift + R (Windows) or Cmd + Shift + R (Apple)] then preview and try again.