How is the usage of exports, background removal, premium, and iStock media counted on invideo Studio?


Every new video project you export on Invideo Studio will be counted as one video. 

We understand that you may need to go back and re-edit it at times, so you can re-export a video project as many times as you like, it won't be counted as an additional credit against your video count quota.

A new project entirely, or duplicating a project, will count as another video from your quota.

Background removals

Business plan users get 20 image background removals a month and Unlimited plan users get 40 image background removals. This will count when an image's background is removed from the canvas. Here is an article that will show you how to use this feature.

Premium and iStock media

InVideo Studio's paid plans give you access to use unlimited premium media.

But every iStock image or video (identifiable with the iStock logo) added to a project counts towards your monthly quota. 

As soon as you export a video, your iStock video count will be deducted by the number of media you added to the project.

Business plan users get 10 iStock over and above unlimited premium media, and Unlimited users get 120 iStock a month.

If you use the same video footage multiple times in a single project continuously, it will still count as a single credit. If you use the same iStock footage in different projects, it will be counted as two credits.

Your iStock and background removal count can be monitored on the Subscription page and will be reset on your next billing date. E.g. - If you purchased a paid plan on the 16th, then your quota will reset on the 16th of every month. 

Note: Any remaining exports, iStock, or background removals will not be carried forward to the next month's quota.