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How do I control the playback speed of my video clip?

Follow these steps to change the playback speed:

Step 1: Go to the 'Advanced Editing' screen, If you had chosen "Article to Video" option. Or if you had chosen one a 'Pre-made template' or 'Blank Canvas', then you are already on the ‘Advance Editing’ screen.

Step 2: Select the video clip for which you need to change the playback speed.

Step 3: On the right panel, find the tab 'Playback Speed.'

Step 4: Move the slide towards the right to speed up and towards to left to slow down the playback speed.

Please note that the volume of the video clip will be muted if the playback speed is anything other than 1x. The duration of your scene and video will automatically be adjusted according to the speed of your video clip.

Click here for a short video to take you through the processOr click on the thumbnail below: