How can I add, delete and duplicate a voiceover?

To add a voiceover to your video:

Step 1: Make sure you are Canvas Editor.

Step 2: On the Timeline, click on the  🎙  (Add Voiceover) option, and you will get 4 options below:

    Automated text to speech: We can add an automated text to speech as shown here.

    Import from my uploads: This will open the left uploads panel to add an already uploaded voiceover.

    Upload your VO file: We will get an option to upload our voiceover.

    Record voice over:  This will allow you to record your voice. Make sure to allow permission for InVideo to record your voice as a voiceover. All recorded voiceovers are saved in the uploads panel which can be accessed later. 

Once a voiceover is added, you can drag it front or back on the scene timeline to adjust the time it comes in at.

We can right-click on an added voiceover to get other options such as deleting it, duplicating, renaming, adjusting its volume, muting, trimming the voice over, looping, or splitting it.