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How to use the Colors option to apply and change colors on a project?

Here is a short video that will take you through this process:

The Colors panel can be found in the Brand section, and is a one stop shop for adjusting the color scheme of your entire project!

All the colors currently applied on your project can be shuffled, to reassign colors between the background, and colorable elements on the scene.

We can use the 'Shuffle Scene' option to only shuffle colors on a selected scene.

You can also choose to apply your brand template colors saved in the Brand presets option.

Looking to be inspired? We have you covered, with a range of tasteful color palettes you can pick from the 'trending' section below.

You can apply a new palette of your choice, and also favorite a palette for later.

Saved color palettes can be used in future projects, and can be duplicated, edited and deleted as required.

Individual colors in a palette applied to our project, can be edited using the 'Edit' option.

You can add a maximum of 7 new colors in total to an applied palette, then click to apply any changes you have made on the project, and also rename and save the edited palette for future projects.

New palettes can also be created entirely from scratch with the 'Create New Palette' option.

Accidentally applied a color palette? No problem - just use the Undo button, or your system's keyboard shortcuts to undo the change.

Finally, if you wish to go back to the palette you started your project with, you can click on the option to 'Revert to default' and your project should be back to the original color scheme.