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I own a Lifetime Professional Plan, I am unable to export the video or it is asking me to pay for an upgrade?

Step 1: Please check whether your video has a premium video template with a crown on top as they are not included in your plan or you have selected a paid template that has a price tag on it i.e. $4.99.

Step 2: If you have used a Premium Video template, simply replace the premium video with non-premium video by drag and drop into the scene and select the 'Replace' option. OR You can also upgrade to the Business or Unlimited Plans to use the Premium Videos. 

Step 3: If you have used a Paid template, then you will have to pay for it to export or you can upgrade to the Business Plan or Unlimited Plan to use all the paid templates for free. 

Note: Some template will have default premium videos inside the template you can simply replace them with non-premium videos and use the template or you can unlock the premium features