How to save and use custom tеxt styles?

If you have created a custom tеxt box with its own specific color, font, size, animation, and even position, that you would like to save and use in the future, you can do so by saving it to your Tеxt Styles.

To save a text box to your custom styles: 

Step 1: Select the text box, then click on the Save option on the top panel.

This will save the textbox along with its text, and all its applied styles and properties, to the My stylеs section in the left Tеxt panel.

Step 2: We can then click on the saved tеxt box to use it again for the current and new projects.

An added еxt box can be edited again as required.

Up to 20 custom tеxt styles can be saved.

To delete a saved tеxt style, hover over the saved style on the left panel, then click the 🗑 option and confirm.