How to dispute a copyright claim on TikTok?

Note: The best way to avoid TikTok copyrights is to upload a video without music, then select the music from TikTok's library itself.

To appeal a copyright claim on TikTok, you can submit a counter-notice here.

Check the box that says you have the license to use this content, and add the entire sentence (in italics) below in the box that asks Why you believe your content was reported incorrectly:

Please release this copyright claim as I have acquired this audio content from InVideo (a Storyblocks API Partner) legitimately. Attached is the End User License Agreement between Storyblocks and InVideo end users that outlines my license to use this material. If case of any questions, you can also reach out to my Storyblocks Account Manager, Amy Schwartz, at

We would also recommend attaching Storyblocks End User Licence Agreement for InVideo users as additional proof.