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How to use masks on InVideo to make creative videos?
How to use masks on InVideo to make creative videos?
Updated over a week ago

Note: The Masks option is now moved inside the Elements section of the left panel.

You can use masks creatively in your video to:

1. Hide the surroundings of a video and focus on the person.

2. Cropping out surroundings to focus on a single subject.

3. To make interviews from a remote location look cooler.

4. Apply the 'zoom call' effect for podcasts.

5. To show the same video or image with different color grades, eg: half screen, or a collage.

6. Placing images and videos inside the alphabet masks.

And much more :)

To mask an image or video:

Step 1: Navigate to the Elements option on the left panel and select the Masks option.

Step 2: Then browse through and click on the mask you like to add to the canvas.

Step 3: We can then drag and drop our image or video onto the highlighted area of the mask.

Step 4: Adjust the mask by clicking Edit Mask on the Top Panel.

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