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How to apply and change transitions between scenes?
How to apply and change transitions between scenes?
Updated over a week ago

To change the transition between your scenes:

Step 1: Click on the ▶◀ transition icon when hovering between scenes.

Step 2: Browse, select, and click on a transition to apply it between those two scenes.

Step 3: You can click on the Apply All option to apply this transition to all the scenes in your project.

Certain transitions will have different options for you to enhance them, such as giving you the ability to change the colors for the Overlay and Brush transitions, changing the duration for a few others, and also applying an In and Out animation for a few more.

These options vary from transition to transition, and we encourage you to play around with them to find the best fit for your video!

To remove a transition between 2 scenes, simply click on the transition option and select the Remove transition option on the left panel.

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