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How to add and use logos on my project?
How to add and use logos on my project?
Updated over a week ago

Note: The Logo option is now moved inside the Brand section of the left panel.

You can upload a logo from the Logo option in the Brand section on the left panel.

Once uploaded, you can click on the logo to apply it to all scenes.

You can also click on the 3 dots ... and choose to apply it on a single scene or delete the logo.

Multiple logos can be uploaded and used for different projects.

A project can only have a single logo, so clicking on another logo will apply and set it as the new default logo for the entire project.

Once a logo is added, any changes you make on a single scene can be applied to all the scenes in the project by clicking on the Apply to all.

You can delete a logo by selecting it, then either pressing the Delete key on your keyboard or by clicking the wastebasket 🗑 icon on the right and then confirming if you wish to have the logo deleted from this single scene or all the scenes.

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