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Do I have reselling rights for the videos that I make?
Do I have reselling rights for the videos that I make?
Updated over a week ago

Yes, you have complete rights to all the videos that you make using InVideo. This means you can use the videos you create anywhere, anytime and for any purpose you see fit.

The videos you create as a user are your property and you take complete responsibility for how to use them.

All our media is royalty-free, which means we have paid for the license for our users to use those tracks. But on rare occasions, YouTube's algorithm may wrongly flag the media and give you a content-id claim.

Rest assured, you are cleared to use the music on InVideo, and these claims are being made in error. To avoid this, we'd recommend you connect your YouTube account to your InVideo account from the profile page. This will ensure your channel is whitelisted automatically against any future copyright claims and greatly reduces the risk of you getting another copyright claim.

And if you receive any copyright claims, please email us at or chat with us via the website's chat button, and we will dispute the claim on your behalf.

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