How to dispute a copyright claim on YouTube?

All our music is royalty-free. We bear the licensing fee with our music partners so our users can make use of these tracks for free.

We source most of our royalty-free music from Storyblocks and a few copyright-free music tracks from YouTube.

If a video you created on InVideo is flagged due to usage of a royalty-free music track from our library, please reach out to us via the chat support window or by emailing us at and we will help you dispute the claim.

Alternatively, you can also choose to dispute a claim via YouTube directly by following these steps:

Step 1: Select the ⭕ License option that says "I have permission or a license to use the content claimed in the video".

Step 2: Check the box that says  ☑ I have permission to use the content from the copyright owner

Step 3: You can add the entire sentence (in italics) below in the section that requires you to add information about your license: 

Please release this copyright claim as I have acquired this audio content from InVideo (a Storyblocks API Partner) legitimately. Attached is the End User License Agreement between Storyblocks and InVideo end users that outlines my license to use this material. If case of any questions, you can also reach out to my Storyblocks Account Manager, Amy Schwartz, at

Note: When submitting a dispute, please ensure that your video is published as Public or Unlisted for the claim to be resolved. If the video is set to Private, the claimant cannot review the dispute or drop the claim.

We would also recommend attaching Storyblocks End User Licence Agreement for InVideo users as additional proof.

The best way to reduce YouTube claims is to link your YouTube channel to your InVideo account, as shown here.

For any other issues or concerns, please reach out to us via the chat button or by emailing us at and we will be happy to assist you.