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How to dispute a copyright claim on Facebook?

Unlike YouTube Claims, Facebook has a less robust system that doesn't allow InVideo to help you with any Copyright claims but rather requires you, the video creator, to dispute any claims directly on your end.

You can dispute a copyright claim on Facebook, by filling out this form and letting them know that you are licensed through InVideo to use the audio track, by checking the box and adding this line in the reason section:

I have created this video and used the music from which has a license from Storyblocks. This content has been properly licensed from Storyblocks, Inc. and can be found on
Updates and next steps for resolving the claim will come directly from Facebook after you file your dispute.

While extremely unlikely, if the appeal is rejected, we recommend uploading the video to a host site like YouTube or Vimeo and then sharing the link on Facebook as an alternative solution.